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1. Micro Mafia Feature Film $50
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1. Movie Production Fund 1 $500
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4. Movie Production Fund 1 $50
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7. Micro Mafia Feature Film $500
8. Micro Mafia Feature Film $250
9. Micro Mafia Feature Film $100
10. Micro Mafia Feature Film $50

Guerilla Recording Studios:

Guerilla Studios is the best full service Recording Studio on the East Coast. Hip-Hop, RAP, Rock, JAZZ, Blues, Classical We Love It All!
Master 1 Song
Master 1 Song
To Help young Artists get a leg up Guerilla Studios will offer a limited time discount.

We will Master 1 song for $70

Satisfaction Guaranteed you will love the sound quality

Affiliates get paid:

$15 on the first Level
$5 on the Second Level

This is a limited Time Offer, if we get too busy we'll have to schedule you some time later on so jump on this fast.


Price: $70.00
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