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1. Micro Mafia Feature Film $50
2. Iastra Authorized Agency Package
3. Live Streaming RTMPServer Connect (Monthly)
4. Webmaster (Complete Monthly Support Service)
5. Monthly Subscription

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1. Movie Production Fund 1 $500
2. Movie Production Fund 1 $250
3. Movie Production Fund 1 $100
4. Movie Production Fund 1 $50
5. Movie Production Fund 1 $20
6. Movie Production Fund 1 $10
7. Micro Mafia Feature Film $500
8. Micro Mafia Feature Film $250
9. Micro Mafia Feature Film $100
10. Micro Mafia Feature Film $50

Web Design:

Have your website designed and hosted by Iastra Professional Services
Web Site Design with 1 year of hosting included
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Web Site Design with 1 year of hosting included
Iastra Professional Services is offering professionally and beautifully designed websites for $500, with one year of hosting included at no extra charge.

On the second year hosting will be $5.95 per month, thats it, no hidden fees.

Affiliate Get Paid:

$150 First Level
$50 Second Level

Price: $500.00
Webmaster (Complete Monthly Support Service)
Webmaster (Complete Monthly Support Service)


The Challenge

Everyone wants a "Great Website" that does everything they need it to do but just didn't have the money or the know-how to get it done. Until Now!!!

The Solution

Iastra Will finance the build of your "Online Application" for you and be your full time Webmaster giving you total Customer Support Services. webmaster-toolsIastra Will pay for all the the licenses for software apps and plugins (which really will be quite big with all the functions you need to have included as; broadcasting live Events, member signup, member profiles, selling advertising and sponsorship, online donations, project crowd funding for your own or for others projects, Event Calendaring and Event Creation, photo uploads, video uploads and video embedding, News Feed, Social Network Sharing, Online Store, Chat, Create Groups, Create Blobs & Forums, uploading audio & Video files as well as Member Friending and Member followers (for Celebrity fan clubs and user groups of any kind) all built into your Private Label Community. This complete application does everything facebook does and more. Only now your running it. Iastra will customize everything for your needs so people can sign up in Categories according to what your site is about including Admins back-end (which would be the VIPs with full access to features others wont) Completely automated so you can have millions of members all in your own "Private Community". This community will increase your earning potential 100 fold.


  Included in the Package will be --Your hosting fee for 1 year --Your Live Broadcasting Dedicated Connection for one year (so you can go live any time you want from anywhere you want) with the player embedded right into the community so people can view your live events and live reports, live interviews, live training and virtual meeting and webcasts online any time you want with the simple click of a button. Also Included in the Package is all labor, as your around the clock webmaster this includes maintaining your websites, updating all the apps,themes and plugins so everything stays current and is working at peak performance, creating monthly backups of all your websites and data and store them on our servers for easy retrieval and safe keeping. all software licenses are included in the cost no additional fees for one year.


  Our Serving Technology is the fastest available today offering solid state drive for 300% faster page loads. All Collocated in Strategic Data-Centers around the world giving you the fastest network possible today webmaster-hostingServer / Data-Center Locations: USA: Chicago Illinois, Houston Texas Europe: London UK, Munich Germany Asia: Hong Kong Central America: Panama South America: Sau Paulo Brazil       This is a one stop total end to end solution of one low price.


Affiliates Get Paid:

$50 first level
$25 second level

In perpetuity

Price: $200.00
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